At the beginning of my running career I was firstly running longer tracks. However, later I moved to 1,500m which is my most favourite track and this became my main discipline. In the year 2000, I won gold and bronze medals at the Junior Championship of the Czech Republic.

After my transfer to the men’s category when I was 20 years of age, I achieved 6th place at the Indoor Championship of the Czech Republic, where I ran 1,500 m for 3:56 and I had good prospects for the summer season. At that time I was doing my military service in DUKLA Prague, where I was training with a group of our best mile runners under a new coach and where I ran my personal record of 3:53:15.

Reversal in my career

After completing my military service, I gained training conditions in DUKLA, but unfortunately I was struck by the biggest misfortune of my life. After being cold, I got ill from a kidney inflammation, which was not diagnosed by doctors and thus they did not seek treatment and as a result of this I fell ill with a syndrome that leads to kidney failure.

It was a tragedy for such a young sportsman. My will power was suddenly gone and I was feeling very bad.  The sport filled me up, charged me and now I had to leave it and spend all my time on treatment. My body did not accept the treatment well and due to bad kidney functioning I had to start dialysis in 2005.

Running during dialysis

vojtaI did not start to hate running and I tried to run also during dialysis, which was unimaginable for some people in my surroundings. I was trying to find a place where I could prove myself successful as a sportsman and I found Český tým transplantovaných, o.s. (Czech Transplant Team, civic association), where they accepted me with great friendliness. This group and its worldwide association organize European and World Games both in summer and in winter time.

As a dialyzed man, I took part in 2006 in the European Transplant Games in Hungary, where I won two gold medals for the club in the run for 100 and 200 m.


At the end of 2006, just before Christmas, the transplantation came and it was successful. For the period of recovery, I had to be careful and I kept to a set regime and the result is that I have been running for about an hour a day up to five times a week.

My goals

By my running, I want to show how strong will a person can have if he or she does not easily give up the things which fill him or her up, things he or she likes and loves.

I have partly fulfilled one of my goals by achieving the World Transplant Games Record in 2013 at the World Transplant Games in the category 30/39 for 400 m. Another goal is to overcome the World Record for 800m, and of course keep improving.